Pro Membership


This plan is ideal for people in the working class who are looking to build their portfolio, their own Website using WordPress and or maybe start a side hustle or small business.



Features of this Plan includes:

  • Access to our how-to tech articles and instructional videos published on our blog
  • You can ask up to seven (7) questions only every month in the categories of social media, WordPress, blogging and photography. This may also include questions on business, technology and entrepreneurship.
  • You can have your Curriculum Vitae & Cover Letter reviewed once a month under this Pro Plan.
  • You can make one request for us to optimise one Social Media Handle Profile for you once a month
  • You can get up to three instructional videos made to show a solution or solve a problem in our tech categories every month
  • You can request for up to 15 minutes virtual consultation on any business, tax, technology and entrepreneurship issues in Nigeria every month
  • If you have a WordPress website, you can make a request for technical assistance once a month. Please click here to see what we offer under our starter site management plan.


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