How do spammers work?

Spammers are the group of individuals that uses messaging systems such as social medias to send unsolicited electronic messages. Spammers use sophisticated tools to scan the web and harvest address. If you publicly post your email address or usernames online, a spammer will find it. They are good when it comes to making guesses. They (more…)

What is a Finsta account?

Most of us are aware of Instagram, the popular photo sharing app leaving us taking pics of our food or creating that dramatic selfie. Urban Dictionary definition A finsta is a combination of the words Fake & Insta(gram). Usually a girl has a finsta and boys aren’t supposed to follow it. Finstas are mainly kept private (more…)

Fixing Instagram errors

What’s the first thing to do when you have Instagram problems? Thankfully we have a short list of three things you can do to fix most Instagram problems in under 5 minutes. Step 1. Restart your iPhone, Android or tablet. Hold the power button and turn it off. Wait at least 15 seconds on the iPhone (more…)

Instagram comment problems

There are Instagram comment problems where you cannot comment on popular Instagram accounts with a newer account or you cannot tag multiple users in the same comment. This is all due to Instagram cracking down on spammers. If your profile looks like a spammer based on your profile picture or bio link and you are (more…)

How to fix Instagram account problems in 2019

On March 13th, 2019, Instagram developed a problem accessing accounts. Some people had difficulty accessing their Instagram accounts. If you get an email from Instagram saying: you changed your email account, look for the link that says “revert this change” and click it. Once that is done, change Instagram password. You can use a tool (more…)

Building an Embeddable Instagram Map (with The Data Pack’s embeddable Instagram map builder lets you create beautiful maps of your Instagram feed, to share your journeys as a responsive map widget on any page of your blog or website. Choose a date range – Create a map that displays the most recent photos from your feed, or set a date range (more…)

Fixing Error: You can’t follow anymore people on Instagram

If you try to follow a new person and you see the error, “You can’t follow any more people.”, you are already following 7,500 people. That is the maximum number of accounts you can follow on Instagram. To follow a new account you will need to unfollow some of your current friends on the service. (more…)

Banned #hashtags of Instagram

Instagram already blocks searches like #proanorexia and #thinspiration in the name of protecting users; but the photo sharing service is also known to block searches on hashtags that may contain lewd or pornographic content like #porn and #ass. Ever wondered what other hashtags Instagram blocks users from searching? Using the Instagram API, a list of (more…)

Fix Instagram login problems

When you can’t login to Instagram it’s a major problem for you, but it is something that you can easily fix. The first thing to do is re-type your username and password and attempt to log in again. You can also try this on your computer. In the app on iPhone or Android, you can (more…)

How to appeal your Instagram account disabled

If you log in to Instagram and see that your account is disabled you have broken a community guideline or the terms of use. Or at least your account raised the flags that triggered this. When you log in you may be able to appeal an Instagram disabled punishment. There will be directions in your app to (more…)