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How do you know your website is great?

Almost every one today wants a website and for good reason too. A great website brings value to you and or your business by doing publicity for you when you are not there, by selling on your behalf, by attracting prospective customers and clients to your business, amongst others. So how do you know your website is great? Read on..

Lets Encrypt Security Cert - How Do You Tech

How to get a FREE SSL Security Certificate for your Website

Security is paramount to all types of websites, ranging from eCommerce to corporate sites down to personal blogs. Cyber crime is on the rise and the need for security is becoming more and more important day in day out. The average price for a security certificate starts from $5.88 to $72+ annually. This might seem (more…)

local WordPress development environment

How to set up local WordPress Development Environment

WordPress like other website development software requires a server to function. The popular ones out there are XAMPP & WAMP for windows and LAMPP for Linux. In this tutorial I will walk you through installing XAMPP for windows. The steps are almost similar for both so whichever you are installing you are good. Download the (more…)


Adding a self-hosted site to WordPress App

To access a site hosted with WordPress.com, you must first have the WordPress app on your Android device. After which you log into the app with your WordPress.com credentials. To access a site that is self-hosted: tap the “Add self-hosted site” link; then enter the username, password, and URL associated with that site. If your (more…)

How do you delete website files from file manager (cPanel)?

One of the reasons you may want to do this is because you let go of a website project, or you are finished with it. Sometimes we create test live sites instead of local sites. And when the purpose is done, the sites files should be deleted. Why put additional load you don’t need on (more…)