How to set up a Wi-Fi hotspot password for your device

The feature of a Wi-Fi enables connection to the network which also allows multiple sharing of devices connected to it via hotspot sharing, using network cellular data to gain internet access. Creating a Wi-Fi hotspot password helps to prevent other users from obtaining access to your data. Here are steps to create your Wi-Fi hotspot (more…)

How to keep your laptop in good condition

When using your laptop, it is more appropriate to use in the safest condition possible. Below are a few steps you can follow to help keep your laptop in check and maintenance. Retain the system in good shape. Ensure your system is used in a dust-free and good environment. Avoid your laptop getting in contact (more…)

How do you maintain an Android device?

Android devices have been used widely and it’s a great tool for the function it performs but won’t last long if proper and adequate maintenance isn’t provided. Even after its long usage, it is important that you keep it in good shape and condition, else your device won’t function properly as intended. Here are some (more…)

How to fix up common Android phone issues

Android phones have all the required qualities you would desire. But even if they attain high strength of their functions, they aren’t perfect and are prone to have problems. Why do you have to know how to rectify an android phone? Having to know how to fix/solve what really bothers or gives you concerns helps (more…)

How do you reset passwords (on accounts and phone locks)

Users are prone to forget their passwords, it is much easier if it is saved up in your Google account. But not all users apply it, hence I will tell you how to go about it as you read further. There are different platforms on which you can retrieve your passwords either on apps, websites, (more…)

How do you guard against malware?

Malware(derive from Malicious+Software) is a program line which disables, damages and takes control over the software of the system, if they are prone to be vulnerable or weak in its state. It is very harmful, and it is necessary to take actions to stop it from spreading. The common types of malware are Trojans, Spyware, (more…)

How to get directions on Google Maps

Google Map is a great tool in helping you find your location, getting directions/routes, building up maps, sharing locations and many more.  Here are steps on how to find a route right on track. Head to Google Map on device. Head to GO.  Input your starting point and destination. Choose any of the following forms (more…)

How to delete or deactivate your Facebook account

Facebook being a social media that is widely used by millions of users for communication, messages, favorable for marketing channels etc. But still, users may intend to delete their account for some reasons or certain factors. By deleting your Facebook accounts demands that all information, conversations, photos, videos, posts and items will be permanently deleted, (more…)

How to prevent your device from overheating

Mobiles are very much used but its usage produces heat, and if some steps are not taken to maintain your device, it tends to malfunction, poor performance and can lead to a higher capacity of the phone to breakdown. It can also have side effects on the user due to its radiation. But not to (more…)