How to secure your WiFi network from getting hacked

Hackers can hack your network if you make use of weak passwords/encryptions. If not careful, hackers can have access to your accounts, computers, steal personal information and others. They commonly use the method called Sniffing, tampering and tracking networks, but not to worry, here are tips to avoid being hacked. Tips Don’t connect to an (more…)

How to view and clear cookies on Google Chrome

Chrome keeps the information you visit in a website and is kept in a file record. This enables your computer to remember the browsing history you have surfed online, including site preferences and settings. It’s not a bad idea to erase them, as this will increase space on your hard drive in the system. These (more…)

How to embed a video on Google Docs

Google Docs is an incredible tool for documents, drawings, spreadsheets, presentations and other text files. However, users tend to find it difficult to place a video in their file. Not to worry, here are guidelines to help you fix the problem: Open your Google Docs. Open blank page. In the top menu at the left, (more…)

How to create checklist on Google Docs

A checklist helps to record, decide on details, and serves as an index for documentations. They are easy to use for evaluation. Here are guidelines to create a checklist: Create a checklist. Open Google Docs. Start by typing out the text in a listed order. Select all text by highlighting them. Click on the three (more…)

Tips for using search engines on the internet

To find certain answers to questions you want to know about, open your web browser, use any Search engine of your choice. Examples: Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing.   Here are pointers on how to go about it: Tips Use Quotation marks: You can put in the particular word within the context of the quotation mark. (more…)

How to update Google Chrome

ON PC Google Chrome browsers tend to be out of date, so it’s best to keep your web browser up to the latest version. Here are ways to update chrome on your computer: Open chrome in your computer. At  the upper right corner, Tap on the 3 vertical dot icon button. Once the menu is (more…)

How to create a Gmail account

ON COMPUTER Gmail is a very good tool for mailing services where you can send and receive mails online, you can use it for several other things in finding, keeping, deleting mails, also to add more further attachments to your electronic mail. Here are steps on how to create your account:  Head to the Gmail (more…)

How to improve your eCommerce brand

E-commerce ( Electronic/Internet commerce) on a norm is provided for services in terms of selling and buying of commodities/products on an online protocol, providing better customer services. Improving e-commerce will help to obtain positive feedback, attract more customers, maximize rate of processes, distribution, and cost of operation for its procedure. What you should consider Build (more…)

How do you minimize data usage?

Mobiles have been a very large consumer of data in uploads and downloads of a variety of apps and resources. If not being noticed, it will be quite hard to monitor the amount of your data being used up. But no worries, you can have control over how your phone takes routine on your data (more…)

How do you secure your privacy online?

It is very important to safeguard your details, every element of your own privacy should not be considered trivial especially when it is being handled online. SCOPE to ensure security of online information: Safeguard your details with a strong password that won’t be easy to decipher by external sources (i.e on social media, accounts, Wireless (more…)