Save beneficiary details if you use UBA on phone

How to save beneficiaries for UBA bank

Do you bank with the United Bank of Africa famously known as UBA? Would you like an easier way to save beneficiaries on your mobile phone? You can now save and retrieve details such as mobile number for airtime or data purchase, prepaid card details, inter and intra bank transactions, etcetera. Simply dial *919# to (more…)

domain ownership verified on search console - hdytech

How to verify domain ownership on google search console

One main reason for verifying ownership of your domain to google is because you want to use some of their services that requires verification like search console, gsuite, etcetera. To successfully verify your domain with google, you need to add a ‘txt’ record to your DNS configuration on your domain and verify its been added (more…)

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How do you know your website is great?

Almost every one today wants a website and for good reason too. A great website brings value to you and or your business by doing publicity for you when you are not there, by selling on your behalf, by attracting prospective customers and clients to your business, amongst others. So how do you know your website is great? Read on..

How do you bookmark a browser in brave?

How do you bookmark a website in brave?

If you love exploring the world wide web, you may have come across a browser called ‘Brave‘ at one point or the other. And if you have not come across brave before today, now you have. Brave is one of the top ten popular browsers available for users of the internet, and guess what? Brave (more…)