How to fix: Windows 10 Hibernate option disappeared -fix 1-

Is the Hibernate option missing from the Power Options in the Control Panel?

Did you install driver updates but still couldn’t get the Hibernate option back? Hibernate is one of the power saving modes that saves your current system state to hard drive, then power off the system. When you start the PC, it restores that state, letting you resume from where you left off. There can be several causes.

Here are 3 possible methods to fix it:

Troubleshoot Power
  1. Type troubleshoot in the Search bar
  2. Click Troubleshoot
  3. Scroll down
  4. Click Power
  5. Run the troubleshooter
  6. Follow on-screen direction.
Restore Default for Power Settings
  1. Windows Key+I
  2. System
  3. Power & sleep
  4. Click Additional power settings to open Power options
  5. Click Change Plan Settings
  6. Click Restore default settings for this plan
Uninstall / Install Battery Driver (Only for laptops)
  1. Shut down your computer
  2. Detach power chord
  3. Remove battery (if the battery is fixed no need to remove)
  4. Attach power chord
  5. Reboot your computer


  1. Windows Key+X
  2. Device Manager
  3. Expand Batteries
  4. Right-click Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System
  5. Uninstall
  6. Shutdown the computer
  7. Remove the power chord
  8. Attach your battery
  9. Attach your power chord
  10. Reboot the computer to automatically install the driver

If you tried these three methods, and the Hibernate option still is not showing, then its time to move to CMD. Try this quick fix with CMD.

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